About us

Lampertz Stone Designer stands for quality and precision

Our greatest strength?

We love natural stone. This love and fascination, combined with 40 years of experience, make us one of the leading natural stone specialists in the greater Luxembourg region and therefore the perfect partner for your project.

Why “Stone Designer”?

Because our designers take your project to heart. They contribute their creative imagination and develop a three-dimensional plan. Unique projects evolve with the help of our skilled employees and state-of-the-art equipment.

masonry luxembourg - Lampertz Stone Designer stands for quality and precision
Marbrerie Lampertz - Lampertz Stone Designer stands for quality and precision

How it all began...

Claus Lampertz founded the marble company over 30 years ago, and it has grown from two to now over 80 employees and two locations (Hosingen and Walferdange).

It is always our goal to delight every customer through professional service following our motto "No challenge is too great".

Steve Lampertz now manages day-to-day business – the values of this fascinating trade have been imparted to him ever since he was a child. He now successfully manages the company in the second generation with a high level of commitment and a great deal of passion.

“Our team and our entire performance are focused on creating unique bathrooms and living spaces. This is what defines the Lampertz Stone Designer brand.”

Our history

Our masonry company in Luxembourg
C. Lampertz Marbles - masonry

Our team

Together we are strong! We are united by a passion for our product – natural stone. We invest a lot of power, passion and expertise to ensuring our customers are satisfied.

Contact Persons

Marbrerie Lampertz Team - Our team
Marbrerie Lampertz Team - Our team


We are very pleased that you are interested in our company and the possibility of working with us. Feel free to send us a speculative application at any time: jobs@lampertz.lu We are looking forward to getting to know you.