Natural Stone



Your very personal wellness oasis made of natural stone

Together we will plan your natural stone bathroom, whether small or large. A few very special details will turn your bathroom into a real eye-catcher with a feel-good effect. Natural stone tiles, backlit natural stone elements in onyx, custom-made washbasins, and much more. Let our designers create a 3D plan and experience the diverse possibilities of our material.

Cleanliness and precision are our top priority during laying. It makes no difference whether it is a new building or a renovation project. Turnkey bathrooms from Lampertz Stone Designer are an "all-round carefree package": we cooperate closely with selected partner companies for plumbing, electricity and carpentry work to make your dream bathroom reality.

Spiderman - Natural Stone
Calacatta Macchia Vecchia - Natural Stone
Crema Marfil/Pierre bleue - Natural Stone
Elegant Brown - Natural Stone
Pietra Piasentina - Natural Stone
Travertino Romano Classico
Virginia Mist/San Gaudenzio/Irish Connemarble
Alabama white - Natural Stone
Bathrooms - Natural Stone
Calacatta Macchia Vecchia2
Onyx - Natural Stone
bathroom in ceramic - Natural Stone
Travertino Romano Classico2
Bathroom project - Natural Stone
Irish Connemarble - Natural Stone
Taj Mahal - Natural Stone
Nero Zimbabwe 2 - Natural Stone
bathroom in travertin silver
bathroom in silver roots - Natural Stone