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Lampertz Stone Designer – Natural Stone in Luxembourg

We love natural stone. This love and fascination, combined with 40 years of experience, make us one of the leading natural stone specialists in the greater Luxembourg region and therefore the perfect partner for your project.

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Experience the beauty of nature

Lampertz Stone Designer offers you an extensive range of services for your natural stone projects in the greater Luxembourg region: expert consulting, design, site measuring, planning, production and construction. If you are looking for sustainable natural materials, you have come to the right place!

Discover the different applications of natural stone. We are able to fulfil every dream thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and the professional competence of our employees.

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Our competent and multilingual employees are awaiting you and will work with you to develop a custom concept to realise your interior design dreams. Take the time to discover your wishes and requirements and turn your building plans into a unique project.

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Draw inspiration

Visit our showrooms in Luxembourg and let the fascinating beauty of natural stone work its magic on you! Hundreds of design ideas based on this natural building material await you in Hosingen and Walferdange.

Come and gain an insight into our diverse range of services – from wellness oases and large-format floor tiles to fine stone and stairways.